About web-site

Extinction of animals and plants species caused by human activity is one of the global ecological problems. The first step in the way of its solution is monitoring of species’ number and distribution variation. Nature conservation activity such as international and national programs, practical actions, etc. is based on its results. Effectiveness of undertaken actions is evaluated according to monitoring data. If necessary, adjustment of these actions is realized.

Fauna of Ukraine comprises about 45,000 species of vertebrates and invertebrates, 18,000 higher plants, mosses, algae, fungi and lichens. But for the most species, data on variation of their number and distribution is limited. There is still no state system of biodiversity monitoring in Ukraine. Besides that, no one country could maintain such a strong system, which allows investigate state of all animals and plants species. That is why monitoring programs that involve local people on a voluntary basis became widespread in the developed countries. Thousands of volunteers take part in some programs.

The web-site is aimed to promote the development of biodiversity monitoring in Ukraine, public participation and promulgation of received data . The web-site contains information given by specialists directly involved in its creation as well as those people, who agreed to distribute results of inventory and monitoring of plant and animal species made by them.